Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the Dog


It's the time of the year again where the Chinese celebrate the most auspicious festival-Chinese New Year. It's a time of reunion, a time of putting on weight and most importantly the time of collecting Ang Pow money. It's really a time of peace and tranquility, most pronounced when you just take a drive along normally busy streets of PJ and KL. Just see the power of the Chinks; streets are deserted, shops are closed, cars are few and only Malay/Indian shops are open. This brings to mind again the large role of the Chinese in businesses and the economy. Way to go, Chinks. (No offends to other non-Chinamen and women)

My blog is opened officially and finally. I chose the 28 of January as it is a nice date and also an auspicious one being new year's eve. It's Reunion day and how apt my blog's launch is as it gets reunited with the other blogs of my dear friends. But I must admit my visitors haven't been many, judging from the few friends who left their stamp on my chatterbox. Kudos to Adeline for her publicity, Acidulous, Michelle and YkK. But I do understand it's First day of CNY and hopefully I will be seeing more activity in days to come.

The year of the Rooster has ended to be followed by the year of the Dog. It is expected to be a good year, at least equal or slightly better than the past. Like what Ong Ka Ting just said on Buletin 1:30 : "Tahun Anjing amatlah baik untuk negara kita kerana seperti anjing, ia amat berdedikasi dan akan melaksanakan semua tugasan yang diberi dengan penuh kesetiaan. Jadi diharapkan semua orang menjadikannya sebagai rujukan dan mudah-mudahan negara kita menjadi lebih berjaya."

Great command of the Malay language and really a great message to us, I must say. Hear hear.
(Yee Pei: ask your maid to translate for you.)

So guess that's it for now. Let's quit talking Cock and focus on our work/studies with full dedication and loyalty, in sheer Doggy-style.

God bless all of you.

***The Speaker is going back to his hometown down South and will be away till Wednesday.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome ! Selamat Datang ! Bienvenue ! 欢迎 ! 환영 ! добро пожаловать !

What can I say? A very warm welcome to all my dear friends who have come to read my blog!

Yes, it's Richard Lee's blog, once a blog condemner, now a blogger himself. One may ask: "What made this guy change his mind??" The answer is simple. While many of my friends like Elena, Yee Pei and Sheena picked up blogging for whatever reason, I was busy studying away and really never had the enthusiasm/motivation to start one. I regarded them as having nothing better to do and would rather waste time telling the world whether their gold fish grew longer by a cm or whether their tree house was invaded by Borneo monkeys. Anyway, that was true as I was occupied with my studies for the past 2.5 years. Every little spark of igniting MY very own blog was supressed mainly by the fact that an In-Course Assessment was round the corner and in another part due to human nature being FEARFUL of starting something new and having to maintain it. It's kinda like getting into a relationship; we gotta think of the sacrifices to be made, opportunity costs, commitment etc. Basically the time wasn't right then.

Now that exams are OVER, I am proud to have decided to embark on this new past-time---BLOGGING! From now I will not only be leaving messages/comments on other people's blog, but rather I will be having my very own say to things. It's peculiar as just when I am all hyped up about blogging, most blogs have either died or are dying. Well I can't be too sure if my current enthusiasm will last, but as of now I pledge to try my best to keep this blog as alive as possible.

If any of you have anything good or bad to say or have any ideas to contribute to this blog, please feel free and at liberty to write anything in my chatterbox. Also a very happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate the lunar new year and to those who just wish to bask in this festive season.

To the future!