Monday, May 01, 2006

He begs to differ

In response to the article in Sunday's Star papers (regarding the brain drain in Malaysia), a Professor Dean of Medicine from UKM has argued that contrary to what the people interviewed believed, Malaysian doctors in UK are ACTUALLY losing out in promotions and job opportunities. Reason being, EU doctors are given higher priority than foreigners.

It seems that not only is Malaysia a place which churns out more specialists than the UK at institutions at par or better than the UK, there are apparently also more chances for promotions locally. Also, he mentioned that Malaysian doctors who wanted to remain in UK was mainly for the bigger money never mind the fact that they most of the time end up as house officers who find it difficult to climb.

While he does shed some light on the possibility of better opportunities locally, I wonder if he says all these with the fundamental belief that all opportunities are EQUAL regardless of race, religion and melanin concentration. Because sometimes being treated as second class citizens in our homeland, fighting with EU doctors in the UK on the basis of pure meritocracy may be still more worthwhile and possible. Also, he has not shown how local work conditions are better than that in the UK.

But should there really be EQUAL chances for all doctors in Malaysia for training and promotion, I suppose coming back to Malaysia to work shouldn't be a very bad idea for me.



Yes, Richard. This is that particular lady from IIU. Hee hee.. I am suprised that you remember my full name. Anyway, it is nice to get in touch with you.

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