Tuesday, June 13, 2006

B1-9-6 Jinx

Amidst smoke billowing from Marlboro Lights cigarettes and the alcohol stench from Heineken beer, Richard has once again proved useless in 4 kaki mahjong. Round after round, sigh after sigh, tile after tile, he just has NO luck in this game PARTICULARLY when he is in the House of Vice. Is it the people's aura surrounding him that is just too suppressing of his luck, or the very house that seems so incompatible with him? In any case, having had so many bad and nightmarish experiences losing to other people on at least 9 out of 10 games, it is fair to accept that Richard has officially decided to QUIT playing mahjong in B1-9-6. He may team up with his luckier girlfriend in future in 3 player games but certainly not going solo. Unless he is feeling considerably charitable on a particular day.

"You cannot bang the tiles so hard wan. Just like women, you cannot bang them so hard. Must soft soft only can!" - Adrian Lim.

Speak to the hand, Adrian.


I can't say the same when it comes to World Cup betting. So far so good, I have won all of the 6 matches that I have betted on. My winnings now is enough to cover all my mahjong losses in the past and I am certain there will be more winnings to come. Yeah baby, South Korea and France is gonna win tonight!!!

Supper for late nights - RM 15
Beer - RM 7.90
Mahjong losses - RM 10
Loss of sleep - considerable
Cheering with friends when our team scores - PRICELESS

I love the World Cup life!!!

*** I will respond to Zennie's tag in a while. Too occupied with the World Cup...



As long as you keep winning in the WC bets, I don't care about your mah jong losses. :P

By Blogger Rajinder, at Tuesday, 13 June, 2006  

faithful, charitable richard, keep giving out money for people to buy cigarettes, topping up people's fund for world cup bets. Hahahaahahhaha! I also want to play mahjong with you!!

By Blogger Zennie, at Wednesday, 14 June, 2006  

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