Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Yeah man! I lived through the era of World Cup USA '94, France '98, Seoul '02 and now let's put our hands together to welcome the greatest sporting event of our day --- World Cup Germany 2006! So ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

For a start, let's all hope that GERMANY wins the opening match against Costa Rica and that Ecuador beats Poland ok? And I need more football kaki!



Haha, Yes Germany 4 - Costa Rico 2. As what you wish to! Germany did a great job but Costa Rico played up an excellent game as well! What I think is that Germany's defense is abit weak and they should strengthen this part. Nevertheless, it was a great game!

By Anonymous ai ling, at Saturday, 10 June, 2006  

damn u richard:p

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, 10 June, 2006  

yeah germany was good but not that good. Their defense sucked, so many times pass ball to opponents. Costa Rica if given another 4 years can surely be better. Yes, Daniel? I won BOTH matches! PAY UP! And btw, don't comment as anonymous la i know who you are!

By Blogger Richard, at Saturday, 10 June, 2006  

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