Monday, July 24, 2006

Random Scribblings 2

Ok first up, apologies to Zen for quoting her as a gossiper with YP in my previous post. There can be two possibilities, which I will leave it to the readers to decide which is more likely to have happened:-

1) YP and Zen DID NOT gossip about anyone or anything. Just because I saw the two girls silently engaging in some gossip-like talking tone and atmosphere so I assumed they were gossiping;

2) YP and Zen DID gossip about somebody or something. But I am being a bit tactless here to kinda smear Zen's good image by actually posting it on my blog.

In any case, sorry to Zen for me quoting her in my previous blog in such a undesirable position.

If you guys have been reading Elena's blog you will then know that she has got a new toy called the PLAYSTATION PORTABLE/PSP. Great gadget I must say, and even non-gaming fans would marvel at its beautiful sight and curves. Not a cheap toy admittedly, but since I promised here to get it for her if she got an A for any exam (which she did get) I finally bought it last Thursday. It costed me quite a bit but it is worth while since it also coincides as her 21st birthday present. She is all happy with the PSP and thinking its by far the most valuable thing on Earth that she has received. But I can't say the same for her parents, who think I have just gotten her a device which will practically send her studies to the doldrums. But that's the only thing she likes!!! Tough, really.

And to echo her plea/avarice for enhancements for her new toy, she wants a 2GB Memory Stick and a couple UMD games for her birthday! So you figure out la, either pool money or ask her new brother buy for her la. Her 21st birthday is on the 26th of July, ie this Wednesday!

Been thinking hard on which PDA or PDA-phone I should get my hands on. Well you see I am quite a fickle minded person, not that it's my nature, but rather I keep changing my decisions when I read reviews or comments on forums about the gadget I am eyeing. First it was the HP IPAQ rw6828 PDA-phone, then I dumped it and looked at the XDA 2 Atom, then the Atom Pure, then the Palm TX, then Treo 650, then Palm TX, XDA 2 Mini, back to TX... I dunno what to get!!!!! Rajinder thinks I am too fickle minded and have too much money to spend, but there is only one thing I am aiming for --- no matter what PDA type I get, it MUST be able to use cracked Skyscape medical programs! Newer Pocket PC version WM5 hasn't been able to be cracked, 2003 PPC is too old, Palm is too simple IMHO... So I will just continue debating with myself. Sigh...

JPA is offering a 200k loan to students who are doing twinning programs at the tertiary level apparently. Those doing medicine are given first priority for consideration followed by dentistry, pharmacy etc etc. There are a list of criteria in the website but generally if you have been doing well in IMU you should apply for it. Repayment depends on your contract, ie either 10 year bond to forfeit the loan, full repayment, or 75% discount if you do well in your second part. Btw, the max loan amount is only for your tuition fees. Living costs is on you. In any case I see it as a very good opportunity to lighten the burden of middle class households like mine and to enjoy being viewed as being affliated to the JPA. HAHA! Those interested can go visit the official JPA website and look for the loans tab. It's all in BM so YP get your maid to help you translate k.

Going with Elena to Kuching this Thursday evening to visit Grace, and hopefully Sheena in her Treehouse. All excited since we have never stepped foot in East Malaysia. Hopefully we can be lucky enough to see and taste and feel all the essence of Catland within the few days we are there. But it's actually more of catching up and bonding with her in her last few days left before she leaves on the 20th of August. So big thank you to Grace for letting us put up with you.



Nah.. I dun think we were gossiping, and even if we were, it's nothing evil lah. :) Zen and I are 2 very nice girls.

As for your choice in gadgets.. this is what a good gadget is. Its got to serve your needs and its got to be simple. Just remember, the more complex an item is, the more problems you'll have with it. I'm pro-palm, for good reasons too!

By Blogger YeePei, at Monday, 24 July, 2006  

I'm in a dilemma between the E2 and the TX, and from the sounds of it, deciding between 2 is as hard as deciding between 20 (that'd be you, Richie). A/way, come, come, COME to MIRI! AirAsia only 19.99 from Kuching to Miri, man! And come on, what other reason would you have for coming to Miri except me? Or perhaps my fair city itself, or a 10-year posting because you took out a JPA loan... ANYWAY, come when I'm still here!

By Blogger Sheena, at Monday, 24 July, 2006  

YP: I really confused la. Frankly, now my very likely choice is either the XDA 2 Mini or the TX. Both support cracked Skyscape programs. Just joined LowYat forum for Mini lovers and getting advice though. What have you to advise?

Sheena: Really considering seriously to pop over. Will be a morning to evening thing only wor if ever cos we at Kch on Thurs night to Mon night only...Sob...

By Blogger Richard, at Monday, 24 July, 2006  

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By Blogger Richard, at Monday, 24 July, 2006  

Hey,just an advice.I might be a bit paranoid here but better to keep those comments on cracks and posts less straightforward or more tactful.There are bots searching for these keywords on the net.Never know what they might land you in if they decide to take action.

By Blogger Xiao_zhai, at Tuesday, 25 July, 2006  

Hmmm good point and good advice there. Thanks man. BTW, I HEREBY DECLARE I AM BUYING ALL GENUINE PROGRAMS!!! STOP PIRACY!!! Im serious man.

By Blogger Richard, at Thursday, 27 July, 2006  

Richard: joining a pro-mini group and asking them whether you're going to get a mini... errrrmmm... the term "bias opinions" comes to mind.

By Blogger YeePei, at Friday, 28 July, 2006  

YP: Agreed. No arguments. But what if I myself find it suitable and a good buy? Guess I gotta be clear of whether the decision is biased or not lor... But I actually had the intention and interest in the Mini EVEN b4 I joined the forum lor... BUt thanks for advice really appreciate! Still undecided though...:-P

By Blogger Richard, at Friday, 28 July, 2006  

HAHA..that was still "smearing" of our good girls images, right? YP? tsk tsk tsk. the clarification didn't help =p

enjoy your trip!

By Blogger Zennie, at Thursday, 03 August, 2006  

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What is it with girls fighting?


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