Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random Scribblings...

Too little time, too many things to say. So when I FINALLY get the time to blog, this is what you get --- little bit of everything.

First things first, I am going to Cat Land to visit Grace! Yay! My first trip to East Malaysia and first time on AirAsia! (It costs me RM 320 for a return flight) I will be going there at the end of this month to see for myself if there are really treehouses from which some of my friends live in and swing around. Not to mention San Francisco kopitiam which one dear friend of mine has been working at (too obvious...). Anyway, thanks to Grace and her hospitality, Elena and I shall be putting up at her big house and having makan times with her specialist parents. Oooh that's so cool man... Will post up pics when I return, hopefully.

Met up with the YeeP! last Thursday at Mid Valley to sama-sama watch the Pirates of Caribean. While it was fun to meet up with her and many other friends, in the end the real catching up part was a disappointment. Sometimes even if we have that many friends, we can't possibly be talking to all of them at one go. So yeah, as far as Yee Pei is concerned, we only heard gossips from her (with Zen) and Richard asking her about her blog. We assume she has nothing too interesting to tell us. Won't be seeing you off, so big BYE BYE here! Other people? Well they are people like Raj, Elena, Daniel and co which I see all the time. So nothing special, not that I take them for granted. The movie itself was good, apart from the all too sudden ending which leaves most people scratching their heads, as if the film roll suddenly got cut. Interesting nontheless.

Among the M2o3 people these days, there is this famous tagline that has easily replaced the all too common "See you again" that we all say to each other before we part. It's not only popular, it makes you look good when you exchange that quote with some one else.

Shu Jin: "Ok la Yee Pei, I go first la. SEE YOU IN UK AR!"
Yee Pei: "Yeah, SEE YOU IN UK too!!!"

At this moment, passers-by near them would take a look at them, startled not only by the outburst of words at a louder than usual pitch, but by the amazement that they are the select few who will be going to UK for one reason or another. So, this guy imitates along and gets the attention he seeks.

Richard: "Eh, Ai Ling, you leaving already ar? Ok lor, I SEE YOU IN UK la!"
Ai Ling: "Talk nonsense la you not go Australia meh? Lebeh only la..."

Only to draw laughters from strangers who have just met a desperate attention seeker.

At some point of your lives, have you ever had certain misunderstandings or differences between you and another person that has become so messy that it's absolutely irreconciliable? At the time you are involved in the fray, at the time when there is still chance to go back to where it began, you never thought of taking the step back. Rather, when time has passed and you have come to your senses, you realise the mistakes and loss that you have had but nothing can actually be done. We have moved on and we are in different paradigms of thoughts and experiences, thus we have effectly been severed of any possible ties in the future. All that remains is very superficial, very shallow, and the damage done remains for a lifetime. It may be their fault, it may be ours, but the end result is one that makes us feel it would have been better if we have never met in our lifetimes. Sad, but true.

This last part is to give my deepest and heartfelt condolences to my dear friend, Prasad, on the demise of his father last week. It truly is saddening and unfortunate to experience such a loss of this magnitude, but I believe that your dad is definitely in a better place now. Trust me, anywhere else in the galaxy is better than planet Earth where oil prices are sky rocketing and people killing each other. Be strong man, look to the future!



1) Richard, i do not appreciate the kinda image you portrayed zen as. It is not funny.

2) It's weird how you sent your condolences. Rocketing oil prices and murders? Almost sounds as if, we'd all be better off dead =p

3) Why say, "it would have been better if we have never met in our lifetimes. Sad, but true."? sounds so saddening. I never regret meeting you.. I always think it's fate that brought friends together.

By Blogger Zennie, at Monday, 17 July, 2006  

You coming to my treehouse??! Come, come! My treehouse is your treehouse. With FAX, I think it's 9.99, or 19.99 (insert random number followed by 9.99) from Kuching to Miri.
Heck, you can even come for a day trip! Make sure you leave time for the beach in the evening.

By Blogger Sheena, at Monday, 17 July, 2006  

Zen: Wah so sensitive wan? Or am I downplaying a serious thing? Sorry to portray you in the inapt way and for even quoting you.

By Blogger Richard, at Friday, 21 July, 2006  

Sheena: What is FAX??? Is it an internal helicopter/plane service to connect towns in Sarawak? Will ask Grace and see if we can find the time off...

By Blogger Richard, at Friday, 21 July, 2006  

greetings from down under. I'm soo excited that u guys are coming. actually, if you really want to go to miri, you could fly there first, then come back to kch, then fly back to kl from kch. and FAX is the no-frills flight service for non-trunk routes, esp in between towns in S'wak. quite cheap i think, but might be using fokker-50 aeroplanes? hehe

By Blogger Grace, at Saturday, 22 July, 2006  

Ah Grace! Greetings from up and above :-P *lame*... Well we bought tickets to Kch dee so cant go Miri first. But maybe Elena and I could go there from Kch for a day trip or sth... See you on Thursday!

By Blogger Richard, at Saturday, 22 July, 2006  

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