Saturday, August 05, 2006

Australian Quest...

I heard a very disturbing rumour/hearsay/fact from a particular someone who was equally disturbed after being told of the rumour/hearsay/fact by a doctor regarding so-called recent updates in the future of medical graduates from Australia. Pardon my mouthful of words as it really is bothering!!!

It goes like this: apparently for students who graduated from any Australian university (regardless of whether they managed to stay on in Australia or came back to Malaysia after graduation), should they later decide to get their specialist training/certification (MRCP, FRCS etc.) from the UK, they would NOT be accepted back to the Australia for work! Even the UK, who themselves certified the MRCP etc. holders will NOT accept the specialists for work in the UK.

The impression I got was that the moment you get your let say, FRCS from UK after 5 years you graduated from Australia, you turn into an outcast who is rejected by Australia and the UK.

I find little (and rather unacceptable) possible reasons for this phenomenon, if this is really true. Possibly, once you graduate from Australia, you are expected to do your postgrad training and certification in Australia itself and opting for the UK is a kind of insult to the Australian medical system. So therefore they refuse you for work in Australia as you are deemed a betrayer. But this is assuming that Australia has their OWN form of specialist training and certification that is just as recognised and reputable as the UK's version, to begin with. Or perhaps it could be some sort of protectionist policy, where holders of the Australian version of specialty certification are given higher priority in terms of job opportunities. This sounds like the Masters of Medicine certification which recognises the holder as a legal specialist in the country that issued it and are given a certain extent of protection in the country. I am not sure if this concept applies for the Australian version of certification, if there is one in the first place.

How about the fact that the UK doesn't allow specialists who were certified by them in the first place to practice in the UK? Could it be that they don't recognise medical graduates from Australia to start of with and thus even if a doctor got his FRCS from UK he is still deemed unfit to practice in the UK because he wasn't an MBBS grad from UK? Does this only apply to Aussie graduates or even those from other countries? Perhaps this is also another form of protectionism of UK graduated doctors; pretty much like how even US MDs are required to pass stringent exams to be admitted into the British Medical Association, never mind the fact that UK and Britain are best of friends. However the impression I got from the rumour/hearsay/fact was that you are totally deprived of the opportunity to work in the UK once you are an Aussie grad who got your specialist training from the UK. In short, if the story I heard is true, Aussie MBBS holders who get their specialist certification from the UK are considered unfit to practice in Australia and the UK. So you may go anywhere in the world that MAY take you in but NEVER in Australia or the UK (unless they are so desperate for doctors or they may take you in if you pass lots and lots of entrance exams).

The reason I find it a concern is because I myself intend to do exactly the same; to graduate from the University of Queensland, stay on with an attachment at a hospital and then get my FRCS in Orthopaedics from Edinburgh or wherever in the UK. Then either come back to Australia or Malaysia to work and spend the rest of my life. If what I heard is true, I will have to instead opt to do my specialist training in Australia (no more UK) or risk coming back to Malaysia. UK would be a definite no way too. But this is all fine if I am just prepared to screw Australia and UK and just come home work in KL or Kuching (yes, I like Kuching).

But IS IT TRUE THAT SUCH A FORM OF DISCRIMINATION/LEGISLATION/RUMOUR/FACT exists??? People who know more about this possibility please shed some light!!!



That sounds ridiculous! just ask your source, what's his/her source?

Well, if it's true, just get ur specialist training in Australia lah!?

By Blogger Zennie, at Sunday, 06 August, 2006  

My source's source is a young doctor who graduated from India wor... When asked how reliable is that source, my source said since the doctor is young and just graduated should be more in touch with the current situation than even older doctors wor... Ya do in Australia or just come back Malaysia after grad, do MRCP in UK and come back!

By Blogger Richard, at Sunday, 06 August, 2006  

all i can say is.. har?

By Blogger kenJ, at Sunday, 06 August, 2006  

but your source's source graduated from INDIA, so might not be well-acquainted with the peculiar inner workings of the aussie gov...?

By Blogger Grace, at Monday, 07 August, 2006  

Thats what I think too... Sigh sometimes these ppl dunno can trust wan or not...

By Blogger Richard, at Tuesday, 08 August, 2006  

Mah don't trust lor. I know that source. And personally, I don't trust that source. Not in these matters anyways.

By Anonymous EH, at Friday, 11 August, 2006  

Randomly stumbled upon your blog, hi! I'm a 2nd year medic at Bham Uni.

Don't know about the situation in Australia but recently the Home Office in UK changed their immigration laws so getting a post-grad post in Edinburgh for something as competitive as orthopaedic surgery is more or less impossible.

"The government has recently announced changes to the immigration rules, which will make it almost impossible for international (non-UK/EEA) doctors to get post-foundation programme jobs in the UK.

Under the new regulations, graduating International Medical Students (IMS) will be EXCLUDED for appointment in training posts after Foundation Year 2 unless there is evidence from the employer that there are no qualified UK/EEA applicants for the post.

This prevents all applicants from being assessed fairly during the process of recruitment, thus ending the equal opportunities policy and enforcing discriminatory practice.

Many International Medical Students who chose to study medicine at UK institutions were led to believe that equal opportunities for appointment to training posts would apply upon graduation.

The majority of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) trained in the UK come from developing countries with limited opportunities and resources for specialised training. Denying IMGs equal opportunities to train could mark looming healthcare crises in these countries due to future shortages of specialists.

Training links between various countries and the NHS that have been carefully nurtured for over 50 years could be dissolved."

Source (couldn't find the actual news which reported this, so it'll have to do)

Even if you graduated from a UK university and you're an international student you still won't be eligible for post grad training, what more if you're an australian international graduate.

Hope that helps a bit.

By Blogger Tracy, at Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  

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